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Automatic Backups


Most WordPress websites have lots of plugins – and that means lots of updates. Backing up, updating, and testing – and then perhaps rolling back if something is not so good – is annoying. It takes time.

Wouldn’t it be great if your backup plugin automatically took an update of your plugins and themes for you, every time you performed an update in the WordPress dashboard? That’s exactly what this add-on does. Whenever you update a plugin or theme or WordPress, it performs a backup of the existing plugins (if updating a plugin) and themes (if updating a theme) and your database (always). So you can update with piece of mind – and if something goes wrong, then you can roll back instantly. Read more about it here; or click on the screenshots on the left to see how simple it is.

This plugin also performs a second function: it takes automatic backups when WordPress performs an automatic background update (as it does, for example, with critical security updates, since WordPress 3.7). So, in case WordPress manages to break something when automatically updating, you will be covered.

Your purchase will pay for itself in time saved very quickly – especially if you’d been in the habit of not making backups, and taking risks with your updates.

Note: this add-on has nothing to do with periodic scheduling of backups (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) – periodic scheduling is already a standard UpdraftPlus feature!

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Product Description

Further notes: For updates which you are performing via the dashboard, this automatic backup runs “in-page”; not in the background via the scheduler.  If your database is gigantic (e.g. you have a plugin that records every visit to your site in the database), then the backup may run out of time if your web server is not configured to allow enough time. This is only likely to affect a tiny number of users (expected to be less than 0.1%). You can easily know this via running a standard backup from the UpdraftPlus settings page of your plugins and database (not including uploads or WordPress core or other entities), and when it has finished reading the log file to see how long it took. We can give you a refund for your purchase of this individual add-on if you find that your database is too huge. Note that if you are comparing with other backup plugins, then note that many of these plugins only ever run in one attempt under any circumstances, and don’t have any of UpdraftPlus’s features for resuming large backups that could not complete in one go.