Rackspace Cloud Files
Set up new Rackspace users

Rackspace Cloud Files Enhanced


Secure access for your clients and users to Rackspace Cloud Files containers – made easy.

Rackspace Cloud Files allows you to set up unique usernames which have access only to one container – not to any other containers, or any other part of your Rackspace Cloud account. This means that you can manage all your clients’ and sites’ backups in a single Rackspace Cloud account, but without the admin of any website having access to backups from other websites.

Whilst this feature of the Rackspace Cloud exists, it is difficult and technical to set up. This add-on adds a new dialog to UpdraftPlus, making it very easy. Armed only with your existing Rackspace login details, you can now set up a new user and container, and set that new user to have access to that container only – all without leaving UpdraftPlus. See the screenshot below for more.

This add-on is also part of UpdraftPlus Premium. Go here to buy UpdraftPlus Premium and get this and every add-on with amazing discounts (including unlimited licenses). Or, buy licenses here for however many sites you wish to deploy upon.

Product Description

Set up new Rackspace users