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Backup time and scheduling


UpdraftPlus allows you to schedule backups (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). With this enhancement, you can also specify the time at which the next backup should take place (e.g. daily at 03:00, weekly at 05:30 on Mondays). This is particularly useful for busy sites, where you want to cause the backup to take place at night.

This add-on also allows you to set more sophisticated options for retaining/deleting old backups – such as “keep a backup every day in the last week; then, after that, keep one backup every week for 6 months; and after that, keep one backup a month”.

Click on the screenshot on the left to see how it works.

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Product Description

Setting the backup time and retention optionsA screenshot of example settings for choosing a specific backup time, and advanced rules on retaining/deleting old backups.