Multiple backup destinations
Multiple storage providers

Multiple storage destinations


Would you like to be able to send your backups to more than one remote destination? Very wise! That’s exactly what this add-on is for.

When installed, instead of having a drop-down menu to choose one storage destination from (e.g. Dropbox), you will instead be presented with a list of all possible storage destinations. From that list, you can choose as many as you like (e.g. Dropbox, Amazon and Google Drive). UpdraftPlus will then send each backup set to all of your selected destinations.

When it comes to downloading or restoring backup sets, UpdraftPlus can then also look at each storage provider in turn. So, if one is off-line or your account got deleted somehow, UpdraftPlus can just move on to the next, seamlessly.

Click on the screenshot on the left to see what this add-on looks like in action.

This add-on is also part of UpdraftPlus Premium. Go here to buy UpdraftPlus Premium and get this and every add-on with amazing discounts (including unlimited licenses). Or, buy licenses here for however many sites you wish to deploy upon.

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Storage options