WebDAV – simple setup



This add-on adds WebDAV support for UpdraftPlus. This plugin allows backups to be stored on remote WebDAV sites (including any cloud service that has a WebDAV interface, e.g. Yandex, Cubby). Encryption is also supported (i.e. WebDAV over https), including self-signed certificates.

Setup is very simple – just enter the URL for your WebDAV server, and you’re done! WebDAV for UpdraftPlus is developed and tested against the popular Apache/mod_dav webserver combination; it is also tested against ownCloud. Click on the screenshot on the left to see how easy it is.

This add-on is also part of UpdraftPlus Premium. Go here to buy UpdraftPlus Premium and get this and every add-on with amazing discounts (including unlimited licenses). Or, buy licenses here for however many sites you wish to deploy upon.