Welcome to the UpdraftPlus support centre. You’ve come to the right place for help with:

  • Installing
  • Ongoing operation
  • Restoring a backup

For pre-sales questions (i.e. you are asking about how a feature works, or if a feature exists, before purchase – that kind of thing), you can read our pre-sales FAQs here, or go here if there was no answer in the FAQs.

Free resources:

  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and the changelog. There are lots of questions answered in the FAQs… many of those that we get asked to give personal attention to are in there. Please help us maximise the time we have to make UpdraftPlus better by checking the FAQs first!
  • We have a growing YouTube channel, with guides on basic operations.
  • If you have found a bug (i.e. a defect in UpdraftPlus), and are not a paying customer, then this is done on the WordPress.Org forum. Before doing that, you should also read the WordPress.Org FAQs.
  • If you need help and could not find the answer in the FAQs, and are not yet a paying customer (see below) then you can go and shop for one of our support deals. Creating a free version of the plugin costs us money. Writing all the free documentation costs us money; support also costs us money. At some point, we have to have a source of income … thank you to the 99% who are reasonable about this and don’t try to abuse the system!

Paid support, support for paid purchases, or problems downloading/installing purchases:

Not yet bought anything? Go shopping. If you have a problem and buy paid support to deal with that specific problem, and if the problem turns out to be due to a defect in UpdraftPlus, then we will refund you fully.

  • Please go here to request support. You will need your purchase number to hand.
  • If you have a problem with a purchase which you have made but which has not arrived, then note that you don’t need to wait for any emails to arrive; once your payment is complete, you can immediately use the installation instructions here. If you are missing an email (e.g. order confirmation) then you should assume that an anti-spam system ate it, and (if you can’t find a reply in your spam folders – check there first) try the forum (see below) instead… but note, as stated above, that you can begin using your order without needing the email receipt – follow the link given above.
  • Paid users can also use our forum. Please include the same information that is requested on the support form (particularly, your order number, the website you are having a problem on, the version of UpdraftPlus you are running, a description of your problem, a copy of any relevant log files. For the sake of legalities, you will be assumed to have accepted the support terms and conditions.