The option to clone a WordPress website has proven to be a hugely popular and useful feature for both Updraft Migrator and UpdraftClone. As such, we have updated our written and video instructions on how to clone a website using these two different packages. 

There are three different ways you can clone a website using either Migrator or UpdraftClone. While these methods are pretty straight forward and intuitive, it never hurts to have a simple walk-through that can guide you through all the steps required to clone a WordPress site in just a few minutes.

There are many reasons why users of Migrator or UpdraftClone would want to use a cloning feature. Maybe you want to use Updraft Migrator to create a clone of your online store; with the intention to use it as the foundation for a whole new store? Or maybe you want to create a clone of your WordPress blog to test out a new theme update before updating on your main site using UpdraftClone? Whatever your reason for cloning a site, we have got you covered. 

Just follow this link for further detailed and up to date written instructions with videos, or check out the videos for UpdraftClone and Updraft Migrator below.