Critical update: Next week, WordPress 4.6 is released, and one of the most important features is ‘Shiny Updates’.

‘Shiny Updates’ is designed to streamline the process of searching, installing, updating and deleting plugins and themes, making it more elegant, and showing less hard-to-understand technical information. The aim is to fulfil the two core principles of WordPress, “designing for the majority, and striving for simplicity”.

However, for users of non-current UpdraftPlus versions (2.12.17 and older), ‘Shiny Updates’ is not compatible with one of the most popular features: ‘Automatic Backups’. This is the feature that triggers an auto-backup at the critical time immediately before updating any themes, plugins or the core.

In short once you’ve installed WP 4.6, you will not be able to delete any plugin or theme on your site, or perform bulk updates, unless you’ve updated UpdraftPlus to the latest version (2.12.18) or disabled the auto-backup feature on UDP (enabled by default).

As a result, we’re giving a special discount for those with expired licenses to renew to the latest version of Updraft Premium – 50% off the standard price! Just quote wp4_6sale50 and go here.

Remember, if you keep UpdraftPlus up to date, you’ll also benefit from dozens of other improvements, tweaks and features we’ve added recently (examples).

But remember, renew soon as this offer is only open until 19th August.

Thanks again to all our 800k users!