After the punishing load of work to successfully release UpdraftPlus Vault, we haven’t been sitting around doing nothing…

One feature that’s been requested a few times is a way to delete multiple backup sets at once. i.e. instead of pressing the “Delete” button next to 10 backups, a way to select all 10 and then just press “Delete” once.

Good news: this is now coded and working in our development version. Here’s how it works:

1) Control-click (i.e. click with your mouse/tapping device, whilst the control key is held down) on the backups that you want to select. The colour of their row will change, and a pop-up box with some action buttons will appear (including a “Select all” action). Here’s a screenshot:

Multiple delete

2) Press “Delete” in the pop-up. That’s it! It’ll then pop up the standard dialog box, asking whether you want to delete only from UpdraftPlus’s local records, or also from the remote storage (UpdraftPlus Vault, Dropbox, etc.).

This improvement will make its way to you in our next release – hopefully in September.

David Anderson (founder, lead developer, UpdraftPlus)