We are pleased to launch an updated version of Easy Updates Manager that now features a few new helpful tweaks. The update now includes automatic refresh after you makes changes in option settings, complete bulk action or navigating to another set of items (pagination); all of which used to require a manual refresh. These changes will save you time and effort, which we hope will make the user experience easier and quicker. We recommend this update for all.

The full changelog for this release are as follows:

  • TWEAK: Make all settings tabs work via ajax calls
  • TWEAK: Show and hide logs tab upon enable and disable
  • TWEAK: Add admin notices for insufficient php and wp versions
  • TWEAK: Remove flexbox mixin
  • TWEAK: Adding survey notice
  • TWEAK: Auto refresh page after force updates
  • TWEAK: Prevent users from excluding themselves

Check out the updated Easy Updates Manager plugin