Change order of backups when updating multiple sites in a queue

When updating several sites in a queue, first the backups are processed for all sites, and then the updates are made. There is a very long time between one site’s backup and the update — up to 30 minutes in my case.

If something goes wrong during an update, I could have to restore a 30 min old backup — which is a lot of lost data for an e-commerce site, for instance.

I wish the queue would backup up one site and then update it immediately before processing the next site.


More details :

When updating plugins on sites A, B and C in a queue …

Now the automated steps are :

  1. backup A
  2. backup B
  3. backup C
  4. update A
  5. update B
  6. update C

I think it would be better to have :

  1. backup A
  2. update A
  3. backup B
  4. update B
  5. backup C
  6. update C

I see no downsides, and it should be easily implemented. What do you think ?


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