Restore to have selective plugins option

Scenario: You need to clone an existing site for a staging area. The existing site has SSL or uses a plugin like Really Simple SSL (3+ million downloads)

Those sort of plugins will fight and crash your restored site if you don’t have an SSL on the destination.
There’s plenty of other examples I can give, but that one is a locked out/crash until you disable by FTP and remove those sort of plugins.

*IF* UpDraftPlus had an extra feature, that on restore we could selectively choose which plugins are NOT copied over, this could resolve it.



  1. WP 5.2+ has a feature to automatically deactivate plugins that crash a site. So, if UD implemented that, it’d be re-inventing the wheel. If it’s not working on your particular site, the thing to do is look into why note, and report it in the core WP bug tracker.

  2. Yes true, but it WOULD NOT help in these cases as it’s NOT a crash, but a problem like an infinite loop of redirects, or trying to access https which may not exist on a staging copy for example.

    What I’m having to do in these cases (which is at least once a month for me), is use the migration tool as usual, but ensure I have FTP access to deactivate the plugin afterwards.
    It would be just nice to manage that without having to gain FTP access. I can’t be the first to be caught out by this.

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