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I use updraft a lot. The user experience has been improving a lot over the years, eliminating little annoyances one-by-one. The latest is the best so far :)

One more little annoyance that hasn’t been removed yet is notice to delete old files. If I forget to delete old files (as I always do), the error doesn’t come until after I go through the whole process. It would be better if that came first so I don’t always go through the whole process, then have to go back, delete old files, and restart. OR allow us to just delete them right there in the process rather than leaving the process and restarting. OR give us the option to delete the old files right away after completing a migration since I rarely care about keeping old files anyway.

Another little one would be to allow us to label backups. I don’t always need this, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to give a backup a label so I remember the context around creating or uploading that backup.


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  1. I’ve been wondering for a while if there’s really any value in keeping the old files when a restoration is done, at all. Do people find this useful? Perhaps we should just advise taking a backup before restoring if you might want to revert?

    > Another little one would be to allow us to label backups

    Are you describing something different to the feature implemented in 2014?

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