[Not technically possible] Google Drive feature should be needed

suppose we are storing backup in drive we easily restore and delete it from wp dashboard. restore is ok but i think delete should be with password protected. because any one hacked (administrator Account)  the site they can easily delete files from dashboard and drive too then no means to keep backup on drive.

I hope in future i will get this feature in updraft.

thanks in advanced.


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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    So we already have an addon “Lock Admin” that will lock the entire UpdraftPlus admin area with a password.

    This can be setup and will prevent untrusted admins from doing the above.

    If the admin is not just a troublesome meddler, but actively malicious, then you shouldn’t use Google Drive at all, because its security model (an all-powerful token) is not set up for that.

    Without the delete button, they can still extract the token from the Database and use that via their own tools.

    For malicious admins, you need to use a back-end that allows you to prevent deletion at the back-end, e.g. S3 via ACLs (see our FAQ page with an example ACL list).


    Best Wishes,


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