Interface & tool improvements

I’m trying out UpdraftCentral and it would be a lot more useful for me if it offered any bulk site features. For example, in the site list view it would be great if there were:

  • Information displayed for each site like when the last backup was
  • The ability to sort the list by that info
  • The ability to select some or all sites and initiate a manual backup
  • The ability to bulk edit backup settings

Basically anything I might do to one site, if I can do it in bulk then that saves me time when I need to apply changes more than once.



  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the suggestion. The first of these is currently being actively worked on.

    Which settings in particular might you personally want to bulk edit?


  2. Necroing an old thread (sorry), but I was curious is the first item was ever implemented? This is the single feature that I wish for, each and every time I open Updraft Central: The ability to quickly see when the last backup (full, partial) was completed for the sites in my list.

    If this was implemented, I think I’ve missed where/how, but if it’s still being worked on, is there an approximated ETA?

    Love Updraft Central – thank you for your hard work!

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