Report generator for all updates done.

Clients love reports almost as much as they love their website being up and running all month.

Could we get some way to view/export a list of all updates done through Central so we can show our clients what has been done in a certain time period? Clients are getting used to getting social media and Google Analytics reports as “proof” that contractors are doing their jobs and earning their retainers.

On a secondary point, if something is wrong with the website, it will be usefull to see when a certain plugin was updated to know how far back I need to go for retoring backups. (eg: a pop up plug-in no longer works, but I have 20 daily backups at my disposal… which one do I use? Ideally, the backup done the day before the plug-in was updated is the one I will want… but which one is that? An update report will tell me.)


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