Bitcasa uploading now fails

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    Has anyone else noticed Bitcasa failures in the past week?

    I’m not sure if Updraft updates are to blame, or something Bitcasa have done but I’m getting upload errors in my logs, and when the uploads do work the filenames cause problems.

    Previously, the filename would have been:

    Because the filename has “\” in it, I’m unable to use them now.
    This has happened all at the same time on 15 of my WordPress installations so it means all my backups have now failed.
    I wish I hadn’t updated all of my Updraft installations so I could determine which system is to blame :(

    If I switch to Dropbox it works.

    Any ideas?



    Please can you post the full log file?

    Best wishes,


    For anyone else browsing the forum – this issue got resolved. Bitcasa have been rolling out some new systems, with bugs. So, if you have been having backup troubles with them this week – then please a) try again and b) give it a few more days. It seems that they’ve fixed the bugs we’re aware of, but there may be others whilst their new systems bed in. This is only under their control, so there’s not much that can be done at this end!



    Sorry to add this, but it was only partially resolved.
    Most of my WordPress sites are failing again, only for a couple of days did it look like it was working.

    I’ve a few sites which seem to work.
    If I hadn’t paid Bitcasa 1 year subscription last month, I’d cancel with them as it’s obviously a joke of a cloud system compared to Google/Dropbox etc.

    For now, I’m switching back to Dropbox.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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