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    Just bought the Migration Add-on and now that I am looking at the requirements, I’m not sure it will work. The instructions say to disable plugins, however, I need at least one (if not all) of the plugins on the test site and I do not have access to the Keys for them. One of the plugins is a visual composer. Is there a way to clone/migrate it to an internal page that maintains access to the keys? (i.e. ?)

    Also, I do not know how to create a new WP site or sub-site. So if you can point me in the right direction there that would help!



    Hi Adrienne,

    Please can you point me to where the instructions say to disable Visual Composer? I’m not aware of this, and this doesn’t sound right.

    Many thanks,


    I think I know just enough to be dangerous… Looking back at the wording, it says to turn off proxies and minify plugins:
    “before you begin, try to turn off any proxies that are between you and your site, such as Cloudflare, GoDaddy’s “Preview DNS” proxy, or Opera Turbo/Road mode. These can get in the way. Also, cacheing and minifying plugins are a possible cause of migration problems (whatever method you use). If possible, disable all of those before you create your backup – or alternatively, just be ready to turn them off if the migration stumbles.”

    I do not know how to do either… which raises 3 questions:

    1. If I login through WP-Admin instead of Go Daddy, does that address the initial ‘turn off proxies’?
    2. how do I cache or minify my plugins? Does this require having their keys?
    3. How do I create a testing environment? I’m thinking

    Thank you!

    Dee Nutbourne


    1) Any proxies will need to be disabled through GoDaddy’s control panel. This may not be necessary, but we have found in the past that proxies (such as the GoDaddy “Preview DNS” proxy) can interfere with the migration.

    2) Apologies, this is some ambiguous phrasing. “cacheing and minifying plugins are a possible cause of migration problems” refers to plugins that cache the site, or minify files. You do not need to disable all plugins, only those that cache or minify the site (such as W3 Total Cache). Visual Composer will not require deactivating.

    3) I would recommend consulting your hosts on the best way to set up a testing environment, or look into localhost packages. Many of these come with wizards to install WordPress automatically.

    Best Wishes,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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