How to migrate only main site of multisite network to dev install?

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    Hi, I’ve read the docs and searched these forums to find various related topics, but none that address our specific need here…

    How can I use the Updraft Plus Premium Migrate function to clone ONLY the main site (Site ID 1) of our multisite network at TO our development server multisite install at and REPLACE the current primary site there WITHOUT moving or disturbing ANY of the existing sub-sites at

    To clarify, we want to clone the primary site on our live network and replace the current primary site on our dev install at but we do not want to disturb the current test subsites we have created at

    I must add that our database for the live site is massive on its own. Can I do this without migrating all the users from the live site at I do also not want/need to clone all the blog posts and numerous SimplePress forum posts (our biggest db table).

    So basically, I need to migrate one site from one multisite network at one domain INTO another at a different domain. Both networks already exist, and download/upload of backup sets is not an option so I’d like to use the Sent To and Receive From options…just looking for some clarity before risking any overwrite of our test subsites.

    Thank you in advance for any direction!

    Dee Nutbourne


    I’m afraid that this is not currently possible to achieve with UpdraftPlus.

    UpdraftPlus can only restore a single sub-site (including the main site) of a network on the same network. It is no possible to migrate a single sub-site to another network.

    Best Wishes,
    David N


    Thank you for the quick clarification.

    Would it be possible to restore only the main site at from a custom backup set created at, if say for instance, I exported only Plugins, Themes, and specific database tables from our Live site (primary blog only) to mirror its current configuration on our development network?

    If so, is it possible to do so without download/upload?

    If not, thanks again…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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