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    I’ve moved to UDP from BackWPUp and one of the feel-good features I missed from the old system was that it would, in addition to backing up everything else, make an XML export for each backed up site and add it to the backup set.

    That way, in the event of a catastrophic backup failure where the DB was corrupted, or files were missing, I could at least recover post data from the XML and rebuild the rest of the site around that.

    Also, when migrating, sometimes all you need is that XML file and you don’t want to bring in all the extra cruft from a full backup.



    Hi David,

    Please can you explain further? XML is just a markup language for structuring your data. But what particular data is it that you are wanting to see? (N.B. There is a bit at the top of the database backup file).



    I mean the built in WordPress XML export functionality. The one that you can use to move posts and pages to a new site.

    BackWPUp does a Full Export for each site and includes the XML file with the backup sets. It’s a backup to the backup sort of thing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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