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    This applies to backups in general, but especially to developers using the premium Migrate WordPress extension to create multiple staging sites.

    As a WP developer, I would like to be able to (in order of priority) :

    1) Add & reference backup names

    2) Secondarily, see where the backups were located (e.g., s3:bucketname, localdisk, etc.)

    If I could add a name (say 10-15 chars, like “theme design v.2.4”) to the backup, then I could keep better track of versioning & rollbacks. As it is, it’s hard to roll back to a certain version by guessing dates, especially when multiple sites share the same s3 credentials for convenience and ease of migrating.

    Also (for s3 and others) it would be convenient to see where the backups live (backup location).


    Hi Eric,

    Backup labels are a feature of UpdraftPlus Premium –



    This has become a critical feature that up until I found this post I simply thought you didn’t offer, and thus have been looking to your competition for.

    I have purchased several plugins separately, based on the fact that your premium product states that it is Updraft, plus quote “(all add ons, upgrades, support)”. Nowhere does it say it has inherent features that you cannot purchase via add ons.

    Soo… Where can I purchase the add on for labels?


    If that’s what you purchased, then you already have it. Please open a support ticket if you’re still having trouble.

    Best wishes,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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