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    It would be great to be able to configure separate schedules for each enabled remote storage. At the moment there is only 1 schedule that uploads to all enabled remote storages. I have different quotas for each remote storage account, and such a function would essentially allow me to combine the quotas by sorting the monthly, weekly and daily backups into each storage option.


    I Second this!!

    This is an interface problem: Right now, there are tabs – one for each backup type. Within that individual type are settings for a single instance of that particular backup destination.

    I FREQUENTLY run into situations where both my customer and I have the same storage provider. If we both have an Amazon S3 storage account, I should be able to configure UDP to copy a backup to both of those locations.

    The solution is to change the interface from the current tabs layout to a list layout. Initially, that list would be empty and would have a button for adding a new backup destination. Clicking that button should open a toggle, window, or dialog where the backup type is chosen; FTP, Amazon S3, etc..

    Once configured & tested, that backup destination would now display as active in the list of destinations.

    Now, I can add as many backup destinations as I want or need, but, unlike the current interface design, I can also have multiple backup copies going to different accounts of the same type. Get it?

    This is REALLY IMPORTANT because most clients will use the backup services recommended by their hosting providers – us! That means that, in situations like this, the client will want a copy of the backup going to their own Amazon account at the same time I – the hosting provider – want a copy on my own Amazon account. It only makes sense to fix this small glitch. It isn’t a problem with the code – just the design of the interface that’s unnecessarily limiting how this otherwise perfect software functions.


    I could really use the first option- one of our clients wants the weekly full backup uploaded to her dropbox, but not the daily db backups. Currently, we have to upload these to dropbox manually since the remote storage options are global and she doesn’t want her dropbox cluttered with daily backups.

    I am certain many more people would find this very useful, as she can’t be the only person who wants to store full backups in an additional location.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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