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    I have space on DISK
    this is my link to it

    HOW CAN I SAVE Backup of my web in there???

    I have next info:
    HOST: (this line accept only format without “/” so I put just
    Login: [email protected] (this is account where I have storage)
    Password: ****** (password to my account)
    Port: (live empty)
    Path: (I try different ways) (exact directory) (shared link) (main directory)

    Still not working!

    This is what I get when TEST: says
    WebDAV settings test result: Failed: We were not able to place a file
    in that directory · please check your credentials.

    • PHP event: code E_WARNING:
    file_put_contents(webdav://,,,[email protected]
    yandex.ruj d/7RuS·oPZBj nnYQ/
    6eeafb1 9be34800dfe477a5eac20498b): fa iled to open stream:
    "HTTP WebDAV Client_Stream::stream_open" call fa iled
    (li ne 371, wp·content;plugins/upd raftplus/methods/stream·

    How can I fix it?!

    Bryle Crodua


    The error that you are receiving indicates that something is blocking the network connection.
    Please could you (or your hosts/server admin) check the firewall logs for your server and the webDav server, and see if the connection is being blocked there?

    Best Wishes,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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