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    I have several sites that have duplicate staging or development sites where we test updates and upgrades. I have used licenses on some of these – so two licenses for one site. On others I am not using a license, but it is very inconvenient as WordPress core does not get backed up, I can’t use Dropbox folders, etc. The staging sites are not accessible to the public and are subdomains of either the clients site or one of my sites.

    What is your policy on staging sites? Is there a way to have one license cover both the Live site and the staging site?

    Thank You!



    Customers can release the licences if the site has been inactive for 30 days (i.e. the UpdraftPlus plugin has been uninstalled or deactivated on the site for 30 days).

    The licenses are still assigned to staging sites, Please could you send us a list of sites to reset? One of our team will then be able to release them for you.



    You misunderstood. These sites are permanent staging sites where we test updates and upgrades for their respective live sites. Before we do an update on the Live site we test it on the staging site. This avoids down time for the Live site if there are any problems. We are not going to uninstall these staging sites.

    They are duplicates of the live sites. But, they are not viewable by the public. I don’t want to remove or deactivate the Updraft plugin on the staging site. We need it to be able to easily do backups and migrations. I think there should be a way for one license to cover both the live site and the staging site. Is this doable now or something you would consider implementing? Thank You!

    Bryle Crodua

    Hi Kathleen,

    You would need to connect every site even staging/development site to our licence server to be able to activate the add-ons. However, if just using UpdraftPlus to migrate a site you can just activate the Migrator add-on only.

    UpdraftPlus Migrator add-on has unlimited licence and as part of any of the UpdraftPlus Premium package you can install this independently and activate in as many sites as you want.

    To activate the Migrator only, follow the installation guide to Step 4. At Step 4, find the Migrator entry in the Premium/Extensions tab (rather than the ‘All Add-ons’ entry), and follow the activation link for Migrator. UpdraftPlus will then prompt you to update and activate Migrator.



    I did not ask about using the Migrator as a stand alone. It is not the only feature that makes using the free version difficult in this situation.

    Would you consider implementing the ability to add a staging site to a license? Other plugins have this ability. Wordfence just added this capability for their customers.

    Thank you!


    Hi Kathleen,

    Thank you for the feedback. I think there’s “swings and roundabouts” (not sure if that British expression is familiar – it roughly means “gains and losses”). Wordfence licences are *massively* more expensive that UpdraftPlus ones; for example $79.20 per licence for 10 licences, instead of $9.50 per licence on UpdraftPlus. So, really, it’s UpdraftPlus that is giving many more sites per dollar than Wordfence is.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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