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    The client’s existing website (rxpadonline.com) needs to be upgraded to include WooCommerce-powered shopping cart functionality. I’m attempting to clone the live site to a subdomain (beta.rxpadonline.com) using UpdraftPlus, but it’s not working. I have already generated a key on both the live site and new WP install on the beta.rxpadonline.com site, but I am unable to get them to talk to one another.

    I know I could manually download all five backup components, then manually upload them to the destination site, then select them for restoration, but that seems like a whole lot hassle and extra work which shouldn’t be necessary if the built-in clone/restore feature would just work properly.

    The entire project hasn’t even gotten off the ground yet due to this technical problem, so we need help right away to get “unstuck” so I can get going on the actual work of this project.

    Dee Nutbourne


    Please could you attempt a migration with your browser’s developer console open (CTRL+SHIFT+J or F12 on most browsers, then click the ‘console’ tab)?
    Do you see any errors or warnings in the console? Please could you send us a copy of these messages?

    You can also connect both sites to the same remote storage location (such as Dropbox), then take a backup on the original site. After the backup is complete, re-scan remote storage on the new site. The backup set should appear ready to restore.

    Best Wishes,
    David N

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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