"Warning: WordPress has a number of scheduled tasks which are overdue.

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    Recently my wordpress site went down. I was unable to access the dashboard but, luckily, I was able to get it back up manually using my Updraftplus backups.

    I decided, having been successful, to upgrade to Premium so I wouldn’t have to do the whole manual database repair next time.

    Everything is now back up and running as it should be and I’ve updated the Updraftplus plugin.

    A backup is currently in progress (albeit very slowly) but I have a Warning appearing at the top of the Current Status tab:

    “Warning: WordPress has a number (19) of scheduled tasks which are overdue. Unless this is a development site, this probably means that the scheduler in your WordPress install is not working. Read this page for a guide to possible causes and how to fix it.”

    My site was down for 7 hours (as it occurred at night) so I know this could have caused the initial warning. But the number of tasks overdue is increasing and I’m clueless about how to fix it (or even if it will fix itself once the backup completes)???

    Thanks for any suggestions


    PS I have read the guide it references but that doesn’t seem to apply to my situation. Thanks again.


    Hi Thomasina,

    Did you see the second article that is linked from the first? It’s a list of all the reasons why a scheduler might not be running in a WordPress install: http://updraftplus.com/faqs/my-scheduled-backups-and-pressing-backup-now-does-nothing-however-pressing-debug-backup-does-produce-a-backup/

    Regardless of the cause and whether it can be found, if you try solution #4 in that article, and then visit a few pages on the site and wait a few minutes, it could very likely get things going again.

    Best wishes,



    Thank you for your response.

    I eventually forced a backup in debug mode. Apart from the following warning:

    A very large file was encountered: ftpKd1vIN (size: 500 Mb)

    The backup apparently succeeded and is now complete. I just need to figure out what that file was and maybe reduce it :O

    The number of scheduled tasks is also down to 5 from 19. I’m hoping that since it has completed one back up it shows that the system is set up to do it and that it was just a problem stemming from the site being down for so long??

    If today’s scheduled backup fails, I’ll give the help file another try.

    Thanks again

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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