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    I’m trying to backup a large website, but received this error:
    “–Wed, August 20, 2014 15:17
    Warning: A zip error occurred – check your log for more details.
    Download log file
    Last log message: The backup apparently succeeded (with warnings) and is now complete (Aug 20 15:26:32)
    Download most recently modified log file–”

    I need to migrate this website to another hosting provider tomorrow. It’s backed up to Google Drive. Log report says: 0099.424 (0) Closing the zip file returned an error (Unknown: ZipArchive does not return error messages). List of files we were trying to add follows (check their permissions).” Files that follow are all image files.

    Two backup had same results.

    How can I check that my backup is ok?

    Thank you,


    Hi Joe/Patricia,

    Without seeing the log file, it’s hard to say – but usually it means the backup will be missing files.

    If you open the log file, then search for the words “error” and look at the surrounding lines.

    If the website is large, then perhaps your web hosting account gets full whilst the zip is created prior to sending it to Google; see: If it is this, then this isn’t necessarily obvious in the log file (as most web hosting accounts don’t have a way to check the available account quota (as distinguished from the physical disk space – don’t confuse it with that, which is always logged)). The best way to check is simply to use your web hosting control panel to check your quota usage there directly, in conjunction with reading the above article on how much you’ll need.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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