When we started selling a paid WordPress plugin, there was an initial shock. We not only had to write the plugin, but to write our own system for distributing and providing updates; and integrate it into our website.

Now, at the end of 2013, there are some somewhat easier solutions available. But they’re far from ideal: they still need plenty of manual work (and one managed service recently had very serious down-time).

We’ve been working on this too. When we launched UpdraftPlus, we wrote our own code to manage the updates. We devised our own WordPress plugin. We did not take too many short-cuts in the code. We wanted the code to be re-usable.

Since then, our plans got bigger: managing one plugin is not enough. We decided to re-work the whole thing to manage as many plugins as you like. We decided to add a whole barrel-load of features. We want it to integrate very easily with WooCommerce, and any other shop system you like. Our eventual plan is to sell our solution.

Are you interested in this kind of product? We’ve not got a solution that’s ready yet, but it’s getting there. We hope to be deploying it to deliver UpdraftPlus to the world by the end of 2013. We’re very interested in gauging market interest. Drop us a line if you want to chat – contact at updraftplus dot com.

David Anderson (founder, lead developer, UpdraftPlus)