During the recent Easter holidays, the UpdraftPlus team have been working hard getting the latest updates out to our loyal customers. Our newest updates are for UpdraftPlus 1.16.12, UpdraftCentral 0.8.6 (Free) and UpdraftCentral 0.8.2 (Premium).

The latest update for UpdraftPlus includes the fix of an regression issue which caused PcIZip unzips to run slow. Thanks to this fix, we are confident that your experience with UpdraftPlus will be better than ever before.

Another new feature that we are excited to share is the new option that allows UpdraftCentral Premium users to suspend a site. There are numerous reasons that may require you to suspend a site; these can include the non-payment of hosting fees or even a violation of policies. With the latest UpdraftCentral update, you now have this option directly at your fingertips.

The changelog is as follows. We recommend the update for all users.

UpdraftPlus 1.16.12

  • FIX: Regression which caused PclZip unzips to be very slow
  • TWEAK: Add stream_meta to the list of log tables and tables not requiring search/replace

UpdraftCentral 0.8.6 (Free)

  • FIX: Fix fetching of updates fails if permissions fail on one site
  • TWEAK: Add parameters to some filters
  • TWEAK: Add specificity to some general CSS
  • TWEAK: Update bundled UUDRPC library to version 1.4.18
  • TWEAK: Backup status checks are now performed less often once a backup lasts longer than 3 minutes

UpdraftCentral 0.8.2 (Premium)

  • FEATURE: Add capability to suspend a site