We’ve just launched a new feature for UpdraftCentral.

For those of you who’ve managed to avoid knowing about, UpdraftCentral is a brilliantly-designed multiple website management tool. It enables you to back up, restore, migrate and update the core, plugins and themes of any number of websites from a single dashboard. It’s a genius product with everything you could possibly want to optimise the efficiency of managing multiple websites at a time, and because it’s built in the front end, it’s seamless, efficient and ultimately user-friendly.

Anyway, we can now announce the Premium and Cloud versions of UpdraftCentral have acquired a new feature that makes them super team-friendly. This feature basically enables you to invite other users to contribute to the sites you look after, allowing you to manage exactly what they’re allowed to see and do.

This saves time and hassle by cutting out the number of hoops users have to jump through in order to view and contribute to a website. Say for example you manage websites for several different companies; if a person from the company wants to update some vital information, they can do so directly, via their unique UpdraftCentral login. Maybe someone has a blog or video they want to post; if it’s approved, they can just go ahead and post it. Or if a graphic designer wants to tweak the layout, they can easily access the website and get the job done.

The applications of this feature are great. By giving other users easy and direct access, you increase the sense of ownership and participation. Obviously, you always manage users’ permission levels, so you can be sure that all edits are legitimate- and there are plenty of inbuilt safeguards that ensure no one ends up where they shouldn’t be. But with you in total remote control of the team, individual users can more quickly and easily enhance the websites you manage by adding valuable new content, make vital changes or removing things that aren’t working.

Do you have a story about UpdraftCentral’s new team-friendly feature? If so, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.