The World’s Simplest Way to Migrate a WP Site

UpdraftPlus Migrator (included as ones of the addons in all UpdraftPlus Premium packages) enables you to use UpdraftPlus to clone or migrate your website to a different URL in a matter of minutes, all from your UpdraftPlus dashboard!  It’s reliable, seamless and intuitive, and it has a host of useful functions, such as “search-and-replace”, which gives you full, long-proven migrating with zero extra clicks.

Trusted by major brands to migrate or clone WordPress sites:

Why choose UpdraftMigrator?

Migrating & Cloning

Migrate your WordPress website directly to another domain in a matter of minutes

Unlimited Sites

Install on an unlimited number of websites for a whole year

Database Tools

Automatically cleanses any mention of your old website from your database (for example “serialised” database references that don’t work)

Full Support

Enjoy 12 months of access to updates and 60 days of support

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UpdraftMigrator vs. UpdraftClone

Which product do you need? If you want to produce a temporary site, consider the UpdraftClone service


UpdraftPlus Premium represents the very best value: it includes the migrator plugin and 12-months of support, plus it’s developer package comes with unlimited add-on licenses:


If you have questions, please take a look at our Pre-Sales FAQs or our General FAQs pages. Alternatively, ask your own question here.

Is there a migration guide?

The answer is “yes” – you just need the “Migrator” add-on from our shop; or “UpdraftPlus Premium” which includes every add-on.

With that installed, just take a look at our written migration guide.

Or if you prefer video instructions, take a look at the ‘how-to use’ Migrator guide.

Can I use UpdraftPlus to migrate a site to a different address?

This is a common need for site developers – or anyone wanting to maintain two copies of a site (e.g. when moving web hosting).

The answer is “yes” – you just need the “Migrator” add-on from our shop; or “UpdraftPlus Premium” which includes every add-on.

Why am I being asked for FTP details upon restoration/migration or plugin installation/updates?

On some WordPress setups, you might see something like this when you try to restore your backup, or when you try to install or update UpdraftPlus:

FTP Connection Details

This happens if (and only if) WordPress does not have sufficient file permissions to write to the directories which it needs to write to. (To be more accurate, the PHP engine that WordPress is running on top of does not have these permissions). When this happens, WordPress has another trick up its sleeve: it asks you for FTP details. With those FTP details, it writes the files another way: by sending them over FTP to the webspace.

Hence, the key points are:

  • This is a WordPress feature, not an UpdraftPlus quirk
  • It happens if the file permissions do not allow WordPress to write files directly
  • It does not indicate a problem as such
  • The FTP details to enter are those for the web hosting space (i.e. the web hosting space that the WordPress install you are working on is installed in)
  • If you do not know your FTP details, then you will need to ask your web hosting company (we certainly do not know them!)

Which directories?

If you see this message installing/updating, then the important directories are: wp-content and wp-content/plugins. If you see it when restoring a backup, then the directory involved depends on the component being updated; you should check the permissions on the directory containing WordPress (if restoring WordPress core), and wp-content, and wp-content/plugins, wp-content/themes and wp-content/uploads, for other entities.

Can I migrate a standalone WordPress site into a WordPress network?

Yes – with UpdraftPlus Premium since version 2.11.20 (December 2015).

Is it possible to migrate a WooCommerce store using Migrator?

Yes, it is possible to migrate a WooCommerce store using Migrator with just a few simple clicks. For more information, please take a look at our more detailed guide here.

Ready to go?

UpdraftMigrator is the effortless way to move your website to a new domain in a matter of minutes.