Move or clone your WordPress website.

From $49.00 / year

With our Migrator feature, you can clone or migrate your website to a different URL- and it’s easy! You can do it all from the dashboard in a matter of minutes.

This feature is useful if:

  • you want to clone your WordPress site at a different location (web address/URL), e.g. for testing purposes,
  • you’re a developer wanting to build a custom site on a local or temporary domain and then shift it all over to a live domain later on,
  • you are a developer who moves sites often,
  • you have a special need to move your website from one address to another.

Whatever your situation, the “migrator” add-on is for this. Use it just once, and you’ll save enough time to justify the purchase price!

“Migrator” overcomes the problem of migrated websites having “serialised” databases references that don’t work. Its special integrated tool provides an automatic search-and-replace function on the database. It delivers full, long-proven migration with zero extra clicks (no need to upload, configure or delete).

This Add-On also enables you to do arbitrary search / replaces at any time.

Please note, as an Unlimited Add-On, Migrator can be installed on an unlimited number of websites- so there’s no reason to buy more than one copy. It includes 12 months of access for installation on new sites, 12 months of access to updates. The standard Migrator licence includes 60 days of support, while the Migrator Pro licence includes 1 year of support.

UpdraftPlus Premium represents the very best value: it includes the Migrator Add-On and 12 months of support, plus its Developer package comes with unlimited Add-On licences.

For an overview of the Migrator, please see the Migrator Homepage.

To get a walk-through of the Migrator plugin in action with many screenshots, please visit this article (these are also the instructions to follow after you purchase), or visit this article to see the new-style  way of sending data directly from site-to-site.

A WordPress site is made up of files and a database. If you copy the files and database, then you have copied the site. However, if you want to visit a copy at a different address, then you have a problem: the database contains lots of references to the wrong address.

To fix this problem, you have to perform a search-and-replace on the database. This can’t just be done in a text editor, since (in PHP-speak), many of the references will be “serialized“. You need a dedicated tool.

Going back into the years before tools like the Migrator were available, most WordPress professionals used the tried-and-tested “searchreplacedb2.php” tool to perform this for them. With the “Migrator” add-on, we give you the best of all worlds. We’ve taken the searchreplacedb2.php code, and integrated it automatically into UpdraftPlus. So, you get long-proven migration; and all with zero extra clicks (no script to upload / configure / delete).

As a bonus, this add-on also includes an expert “search/replace” tool which you can use for arbitrary search/replaces at any time. Unlike other individual add-ons, the Migrator is an unlimited add-on – you can install it on as many sites as you like. Therefore there is no reason to buy more than one copy, unless you are giving a tip! 12 months of access to make fresh installs (existing installs can continue to be used forever), and either 60 days or 1 year (Pro licence) of support from our personal support desk is included (which should be long enough to clone any site!). The best deal of all, though, is UpdraftPlus Premium, which includes the Migrator and comes with 12 months of support desk access; and especially the developer package for UpdraftPlus Premium, which comes with unlimited licences for all add-ons. In case that’s not clear, let’s put it another way; here are the options: 1) Buy the standard Migrator add-on as a stand-alone add-on, and you’ll get support for 60 days. 2) Buy the standard Migrator add-on as a stand-alone add-on, and you’ll get support for 12 months. 3) Buy UpdraftPlus Premium, and you get the Migrator included, support for 12 months, and all other add-ons. When you buy UpdraftPlus Premium, you can choose whether your other add-ons have 2, 10 or unlimited licences. In all cases, all purchases have access to new, updated versions to install for 12 months. (You can carry on using already-installed versions forever).

One other thing to note: if your WordPress site wants to use resources that are not stored inside WordPress (i.e. resources you have added manually), then you may also need the “More Files” add-on to migrate those components (or to migrate them by hand). You will know if this applies to you – it’s not possible to have this situation unless it was reached through manual action. See the “More Files” add-on for more details.

This purchase includes access to support and updates for 1 year, after which time it is possible to renew.

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