Updating the PHP version on your live website risks breaking something you don’t expect.  That’s why it’s best practice to test any PHP update on a test sandbox version of your website.  

We are happy to announce that the latest update for UpdraftPlus makes it very easy. This new update includes the added ability to let you run tests on PHP 8.0 using our UpdraftClone feature. 

Using UpdraftClone, you can now duplicate your site to a sandbox test version using PHP 8.0 when using WordPress 5.6+. 

We have developed this new update as we know that while setting up a new PHP install can be time-consuming and replacing your current one could break your site, UpdraftClone makes it easier to test these new things out in a disposable sandbox – Removing any potential risk to your live site. 

Of course, the beauty of UpdraftClone is it’s easy to test your site in whichever PHP or WordPress version you like.

As well as cloning your existing site, it’s also possible to use UpdraftClone to create instant blank WordPress installs if you want to create new test sites from scratch or test things in your choice of PHP or WordPress version, including PHP 8.0.  

The change-log for other changes in the latest update is as follows:

  • TWEAK: Don’t repeat sending the ‘upload_complete’ command to a remote send destination after it succeeded the first time
  • TWEAK: Update the udrpc library
  • TWEAK: In UpdraftClone, delay the temporary_clone_ready_for_restore signal until the browser connection is closed (preventing a loss of response)