You all know by now that we at UpdraftPlus are committed to continually developing and improving our (already super) plugins.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that UpdraftCentral is the latest plugin to enjoy a bit of an upgrade in the form of a new plugin and theme manager feature. And yes, it’s an upgrade that applies to both the free and the cloud version.

As you all know, UpdraftCentral is unrivalled in its power and convenience, allowing you to backup, update and manage all of your WordPress sites from just one location.

This upgrade makes all this brilliant functionality even better. It basically gives you more remote control over your websites.

For starters, it allows you install and to activate any plugin onto all connected websites at once. So for example, if you have 20 websites and you want to install the ‘Yoast’ plugin on 18 of them, this new feature will do just that. You simply select the plugin, select the sites you want it installed on and voila! UpdraftCentral will do all the work in a flash!

That’s not all! This incredible new update has a ton of helpful new features that let you do the following:

  • Search repository using keywords
  • Install and activate plugins & themes to selected remote websites
  • Show/display recommended plugins & themes
  • View the in-depth details of a plugin
  • Update plugins & themes remotely
  • Search and browse through installed plugins & themes
  • Configure timeout in the settings dialog
  • Add the option of a ‘fingerprint’ configuration for UpdraftPlus sftp/ scp remote storage

There are also a load of fixes and tweaks. We strongly recommend that all of our UpdraftCentral customers install this upgrade, so make sure you get it done today! And be sure to visit UpdraftCentral for further updates and information.

We’ve listed the full change-log for the free version below:

UpdraftCentral 0.8.0 Change-log

* FEATURE: Add the ability for users to configure timeout in the settings dialog

* FEATURE: Easy Updates Manager ( control module (requires a new release of Easy Updates Manager)

* FEATURE: Add optional ‘fingerprint’ configuration for UpdraftPlus sftp/scp remote storage, allowing the connection to be halted if the server’s fingerprint does not match what was entered* TWEAK: Generate cache meta key for new request with empty data

* FIX: Raised warning when checking cached data

* TWEAK: Return an empty string when handlebarsjs function received an undefined value

* TWEAK: Add search feature for plugins and themes and a few improvement tweaks

* TWEAK: Added additional helper functions and widgets

* TWEAK: Add get_site_tags api to UpdraftCentral_User class

* TWEAK: Update get_site_meta API to support fields retrieval

* TWEAK: Include users’ stored sites information in the WP Export Personal Data tool

* TWEAK: Prevent a possible PHP debugging notice related to a non-present key

Alongside the update for the free version, we’re also releasing an update for UpdraftCentral Cloud with features including a theme management module and a plugin management module (see below of the full change-log for this release).

The full change-log for this release is as follows:

* FEATURE: Theme management module

* FEATURE: Plugin management module

* TWEAK: Refactor tags logic to limit visibility to tags owner

* TWEAK: Make install theme area more intuitive and adjust pagination display items per page

* TWEAK: Add privacy policy message for google analytics use to the authorization screen