Version 1.12.30 (free version) / 2.12.30 (paid versions) of UpdraftPlus is in process of being released.

This features support for Amazon’s new Canadian and UK (London) regions, some minor tweaks for Dropbox issues, and further possibilities for UpdraftCentral Premium users, allowing them (once the corresponding UpdraftCentral release is made – very soon!) to remotely control more of WordPress. (If you’ve not yet checked out UpdraftCentral – available with free, paid self-hosted and paid managed versions, then you can do so here).

Following is the full changelog. As ever, it’s a recommended update for all.

  • Fix: Fix a Dropbox APIv2 issue where paths containing certain characters were incorrectly being encoded
  • Feature: Add UpdraftCentral ( comment-control and advanced tools listeners
  • Tweak: Starting an operation to retrieve a remote backup from UpdraftCentral succeeded, but gave a UI error in UC when doing so
  • Tweak: Fix a Dropbox APIv2 issue where Team storage displayed an incorrect value
  • Tweak: Support for the new AWS S3 Canada Central 1 and London regions
  • Tweak: Some re-factoring of the settings page output code for easier maintenance
  • Tweak: Some re-factoring of the notices code, to allow re-use in other projects
  • Tweak: Make sure that a UpdraftCentral_Commands class is available before loading any external command classes, so that they can rely on its presence

David Anderson (lead developer)