A new UpdraftPlus release has been made. This includes one significant new feature – the ability to browse the contents of your backup directly from your WordPress dashboard (i.e. rather than downloading it to your computer), previously described here. For UpdraftPlus Premium, this includes the ability to download individual files directly from the dashboard.

The release also includes an important fix for Dropbox storage, fixing a subtle issue that could silently cause backup corruption in the event of a notification from Dropbox about data being uploaded arriving at the same instant that the backup process is killed off by any time limits on the webserver. All Dropbox users should update as soon as possible.

The release includes a number of small tweaks and improvements, including internal improvements in preparation for future new features.

The full changelog is below. The update is recommended for all users.

  • Feature: Browse the contents of a backup from within your WordPress dashboard, and (with Premium) download individual files from it
  • Fix: Fix an issue that could occasionally cause corruption of interrupted Dropbox backups. All Dropbox users are recommended to update asap.
  • Tweak: Remove debugging statement inadvertently left in 1.12.36
  • Tweak: Re-factored remote storage handlers via add-ons so that there was a cleaner and more consistent class hierarchy (preparation for future improvements). N.B. If you subsequently downgrade to an older version of UpdraftPlus, you will need to re-enter the settings for some remote storage options.
  • Tweak: List of checksum algorithms run over backups and logged now includes SHA256, and is filterable (SHA1 now considered deprecated)
  • Tweak: Allow chunked database encryption to try and resume in the event of an error
  • Tweak: Improve the premium/extension tab content
  • Tweak: Fix an issue whereby the UpdraftVault settings section could show a bogus problem with checking quota immediately after initial setup
  • Tweak: When requesting a download, work around buggy browser/server that continued after Connection: close
  • Tweak: Improve the UI experience when downloading a log file for display fails
  • Tweak: Prevent PHP notice if another plugin cancels a cron event
  • Tweak: Tweak semaphore handling and enhance logging

(Footnote: some extra fix releases, addressing issues found in the refactored storage modules, have been made following the original release – the current version number is now 1.12.40 (free) / 2.12.40 (paid)).

David Anderson (lead developer, UpdraftPlus)