UpdraftPlus 1.14.5 (free version) / 2.14.5 (paid versions) has been released.

This features two new features in UpdraftPlus Premium: 1) The ability to choose “email” as a backup storage method and only send your database (not the files). This is useful in the case that your files are too big to send by email, but that you still want the database this way. 2) Support for WP-CLI. There are also some minor fixes, and various internal tweaks and small improvements to keep UpdraftPlus ahead of the game, and prepare for other more major future features (e.g. OneDrive for Business support).

As always, a recommended update for all.

  • Feature: Add a “Database only” option to the UpdraftPlus email backup options
  • Feature: An UpdraftPlus add-on (paid) to run the backup process through WP CLI
  • Fix: Restoration did not display the decryption passphrase input (but always used the saved one)
  • Fix: Browse content download file was not working in Windows hosting
  • Fix: The wrong default for the ‘Delete local backup’ setting was applied if you had never saved your settings
  • Tweak: Prevent a PHP notice showing when testing S3 storage
  • Tweak: Prevent a PHP notice when downloading from Dropbox
  • Tweak: Improved the migrate UI
  • Tweak: Update bundle cacert bundle to latest (2018-01-17) release
  • Tweak: Ajouter soutien pour le nouveau region AWS Paris (eu-west-3)
  • Tweak: Handle short filesystem reads when sending data to Google Drive
  • Tweak: Improve handling of PHP errors and exceptions during back-end calls
  • Tweak: Update internal OneDrive SDK for compatibility with ‘OneDrive for Business’ (not yet fully supported)
  • Tweak: Internal refactoring and improvements to the UpdraftPlus.com form
  • Tweak: Job ID is now separate from the file nonce
  • Tweak: Show increments in the UI
  • Tweak: Add visibility controls to functions of a stream wrapper class for WebDAV access
  • Tweak: Handle errors when getting folder ID from Google Drive more patiently
  • Tweak: Displays more descriptive error when google drive authentication error occur

David Anderson (lead developer)