The latest updates for UpdraftPlus 1.16.30 update has now been released. This latest version has various performance tweaks and bug fixes to make UpdraftPlus backups better than ever.

One of the main performance improvements for the latest update is for websites/hosts. Where mysqldump is disabled, UpdraftPlus will now extract database data via the primary key (where one is available). This improvement results in a substantial performance increase when fetching large tables using PHP.

We have also undertaken various fixes when importing settings into UpdraftPlus. These include the fixing of an issue that caused all database tables that were not selected, to be backed up in a “Backup Now” backup during a resumption. Additionally some under the hood improvements have been implemented to allow faster booting of UpdraftClones in the future.

The change-log for the latest update is as follows:

  • PERFORMANCE: Where a table has a numerical primary key, extract its data using that index. This results in a substantial performance increase when fetching large tables using PHP. (The filter updraftplus_can_use_primary_key_default can be used to de-activate this behaviour)
  • FIX: Remove incorrect decodeURIComponent() parsing when importing settings, which could prevent import of settings containing some special characters
  • FIX: An issue where database tables that were not selected to be backed up in a “Backup Now” backup would get added to the backup during a resumption (i.e. if it did not finish in a single run)
  • TWEAK: Catch errors from Google Cloud when the bucket is not found
  • TWEAK: Fix undefined variables instead of expected values in message prior to settings import
  • TWEAK: Strip the redundant WHERE for the –where parameter to mysqldump (which modern versions strip out, but a version was found that didn’t)
  • TWEAK: Handle hosts that have disabled the session_id() function
  • TWEAK: Provide SQL mode information in the ‘Site Information’ section under the ‘Advanced Tools’ tab and in the database backup’s header
  • TWEAK: Show a notification of UpdraftPlus plugin updates even if the associated user account is not connected to the UpdraftPlus website
  • TWEAK: Add mechanism to detect what hosting provider is being used and use it to make UpdraftPlus comply with Kinsta’s backup limit policies (thus removing it from the list of disallowed plugins)
  • TWEAK: When booting a clone if it’s claimed from the clone queue then update the token being used
  • TWEAK: Tweaked downwards the minimum time in the future for rescheduling a resumption