The latest updates for UpdraftPlus 1.16.34 has now been released. The new version has a few performance tweaks that addresses a bug fix and compatibility issues, which will help improve UpdraftPlus for all it’s users. 

Future versions of WordPress will use JQuery 3.0; in our continued effort to keep UpdraftPlus compatible with current and future versions of WordPress we have updated the UpdraftPlus code, so that it can work with all versions of JQuery.

We have also improved our error reporting when using UpdraftPlus to browse your servers file system when trying to backup more files. This will help you and our support team to better identify any issues encountered with file system permissions.

The change-log for the latest update is as follows:


  • TWEAK: On sites with enormous numbers of tables (e.g. very large multisites), counting the already-backed-up tables when resuming took unnecessarily long since 1.16.30
  • TWEAK: Update jQuery document ready style to the one not deprecated in jQuery 3.0
  • TWEAK: While using the file tree browser return an error if we are unable to open a directory