UpdraftPlus 1.9.62 (or 2.9.62, for paid versions) is in process of being released. This is mostly a maintenance release with a number of slight improvements.

The main feature is that it has been tested for compatibility with the forthcoming WordPress 4.2 release. WordPress 4.2 changes the way in which plugin updates take place in your WordPress dashboard, and UpdraftPlus Premium’s “automatic backup before update” feature has been adapted accordingly. (If you’ve not yet checked out UpdraftPlus Premium, our flagship product, then please do have a look). Also, French users will be glad to see that Erwan François has stepped in and brought the French translation back up to parity with other included languages.

You should see this release in your WordPress dashboard in the next day or two; it’s a recommended update for everyone.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Feature: Automatic backups now integrate with the forthcoming WP 4.2’s “shiny plugin updates”
  • Compatibility: Tested and marked compatible with the forthcoming WordPress 4.2 (tested up to beta 3)
  • Fix: Fix regression in 1.9.60 for corner-case of S3 users with no permission to check their bucket’s location (but permission to write to it).
  • Tweak: Make “settings saved” message disappear after a few seconds, to prevent UI clutter
  • Tweak: Decrease UI clutter in backup time selection
  • Tweak: Update to latest global SSL CA bundle, removing again 1024-bit root CAs (last attempted in 1.9.26, but S3 still had some legacy servers). Modern web browsers have not accepted these for 6 months now. (SSL verification can be turned off in the expert options).
  • Tweak: Defeat WP Download Manager Google Drive plugin’s loading of its SDK on all pages (conflicting with UD when UD attempts to backup to Google Drive)
  • Tweak: Detect case of old MySQL on Windows with table prefix that varies by case (and hence WP actually only works by accident) – produce a consistent backup that can be restored on any MySQL server.
  • Tweak: Add dashboard notice with links to more resources, for free users who’ve been installed >4 weeks (with option to dismiss notice)
  • Tweak: Add itsec_log to the list of tables of non-essential/not-needing-search/replace + likely to be large tables for backup strategy
  • Tweak: Improvement to scheduling algorithm in case where WP’s scheduler starts same resumption multiple times – prevent next attempt being delayed longer than necessary
  • Tweak: Add a header to report emails indicating the job ID – helps when debugging
  • Tweak: Detect + show a more helpful error message if blocked by CloudFlare when connecting for updates (paid versions)
  • Tweak: Make it easier to use custom Dropbox API keys, via UPDRAFTPLUS_CUSTOM_DROPBOX_APP constant (define to true in wp-config.php)
  • Tweak: Tweak debug output of webserver information to avoid triggering a (silly) mod_security rule in some setups
  • Tweak: Alert the user if using Amazon S3 if they do not have the PHP XML Writer module available
  • Tweak: Log the fact that local deletions are being skipped, if the user set that option.
  • Tweak: Give timestamp of WPB2D backups without relying upon location of SQL file
  • Translations: French translation updated from less than half to complete, thanks to Erwan François. Various other translations updated (many thanks to all translators).

David Anderson (founder, lead developer, UpdraftPlus)