We are pleased to announce an updated version of UpdraftPlus 1.15.5 / 2.15.5 that features new tweaks.

As part of the update, we aim to send clearer messages to users who have downgraded from the unlimited package to a smaller package and are receiving confusing licencing server message, despite their site not being connected for updates. The tweaks also include a new patch that prevents UpdraftClone failing if the user starts a new clone before the previous one was finished cloning.

We recommend the update for all UpdraftPlus Free and Premium users.

  • TWEAK: For Premium users with grand-fathered lifetime updates (i.e. purchased before August 2013), a regression had caused support entitlement expires to no longer be notified
  • TWEAK: For Premium users with who have downgraded from unlimited licenses to another package, a licence expiry message could show when in fact the real situation was that they just needed to specifically allocate a licence to the site. The relevant message has been adjusted to improve this.
  • TWEAK: Track “more files” incremental backup locations
  • TWEAK: Don’t show individual add-ons that have not been bought in the account add-ons page if the user has Premium.
  • TWEAK: Include the raw updates check response information in the internal/advanced dump
  • TWEAK: Added the UpdraftClone video