UpdraftPlus 2.16.1 (paid versions) has been released. The main changes in this release are a number of fixes to the brand new “Incremental Backups” feature from 2.16.0. Because of this, there is no corresponding free release (since the free version does not include incremental backups). The full changelog follows; but the short version is that it’s a recommended update for everybody!

  • Fix: Version 2.16.0 could write invalid or incomplete JSON when creating the manifest file on an incremental backup under certain circumstances
  • Fix: When restoring an incremental backup set via WP-CLI, the restore order could be wrong
  • Fix: If a very large UpdraftVault upload took more than an hour, then the token could expire without being refreshed
  • Tweak: Accept and parse the invalid JSON when restoring an incremental archive created on 2.16.0
  • Tweak: When running an incremental backup, the backup report would report the time taken to run the backup wrongly
  • Tweak: Make the logging on the state of zip extraction more fine-grained (at least every 100MB, 1000 files or 15 seconds)
  • Tweak: Re-factoring of zip extraction code to allow for future improvements
  • Tweak: Re-factoring of the restore routines to share more code between different entry points, and allow future improvements
  • Tweak: Differentiate between failures to JSON-decode an incremental backup manifest file and other types of failures

David Anderson (lead developer)