A few months after UpdraftPlus acquired MetaSlider, we’ve been busy coding and we’re ready to release our first big update with three new features:
  • Allow the background image to be changed – this is fixing something that should have been fixed years before we acquired it.  In the past users had to delete a slide and start again with a new background image.  But better late than never!
  • Ability for you to restore a slide after deleting – like a recycle bin, it can be very handy if you change your mind!
  • A helpful guided tour for new users
Given this last feature on the free version, there’s never been a better time to try out MetaSlider.
PS – here’s the full changelog:
Free version:
  • FEATURE: Allow a slide to be restored after deletion
  • FEATURE: Allow the background image to be changed
  • FEATURE: Adds a guided tour
  • FIX: Loads inline JS properly
  • FIX: FlexSlider touch events respect pause on hover setting
  • FIX: Allow for https image URLs
  • TRANSLATIONS: Addresses spelling/localization issues
  • TWEAK: Accessibility enhancements
  • TWEAK: Adds links to activation page
  • TWEAK: Updates FlexSlider to latest
  • TWEAK: Change the label “Meta Slider” to “MetaSlider”
  • TWEAK: Add dashboard notices