Some of the tweaks we have been working on that we feel will be of particular note to our users are as follows: To start, we have added WP 5.2 support for UpdraftClone to ensure it is up to date with the latest WP release.

Additionally, we have made an update to the UpdraftClone suggestion sentences options, which are now dismissible. Some users are known to not be overly keen on these messages on their dashboard, so we have now given you the option to delete these if you so wish. We hope these new changes to UpdraftPlus will make your experience using our plugin even better and more user friendly than ever before.

As well as these new changes,
the latest update also comes with several other tweaks to hopefully help improve your overall UpdraftPlus experience.

The changelog for UpdraftPlus Free (1.16.14) and UpdraftPlus Premium (2.16.14). is as follows. We recommend the update for all users.

1.16.14 – 30/Apr/2019

  • TWEAK: Make UpdraftVault trial more discoverable
  • TWEAK: Fix stray JavaScript in the short-lived version 1.16.13
  • TWEAK: Add support to translation updates
  • TWEAK: Add WP 5.2 support in UpdraftClone
  • TWEAK: Prevent PHP notice in remotesend method
  • TWEAK: Restorations are now started over AJAX instead of in-page. This is preparing the way for future UX improvements.
  • TWEAK: Upgraded the ‘site-to-site’ remote sending code to use the more recent UDRPC message format
  • TWEAK: Make the UpdraftClone suggestion sentences dismissible
  • TWEAK: Improve JSON-reparser to cope with even more exotic junk from some setups with problems elsewhere in their stack