Why has the Dropbox “UpdraftPlus” folder changed to “UpdraftPlus.com”?

To maintain ongoing compatibility with Dropbox (who are deprecating one of their APIs), we recently (as of October 2016) updated UpdraftPlus’ method for authenticating with Dropbox. This included switching to a new Dropbox “App” (i.e. Dropbox application). As Dropbox enforces unique folder names for each App, the folder that UpdraftPlus stores backups on your Dropbox account had to also change.

On new installations, UpdraftPlus now stores backups in the “Apps/UpdraftPlus.com” folder on Dropbox. Installations that were authenticated before the update will still store backups in the old “Apps/UpdraftPlus” folder.

To switch to using the new location on existing installations (ones which currently use Apps/UpdraftPlus), you will need to re-authenticate UpdraftPlus with Dropbox. This can be done through the Dropbox remote storage settings in the UpdraftPlus settings page. After switching, you will need to manually transfer any existing backup files from the old folder to the new location, if you wish UpdraftPlus to be able to see those backups.

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