UpdraftCentral Cloud

Streamline your WordPress website management with UpdraftCentral

  • Manage multiple WordPress sites in a centralised dashboard
  • Manage updates, users, pages, posts, plugins, themes and more
  • Optimize multiple sites centrally with WP-Optimize
  • Manage multiple backups with UpdraftCentral + UpdraftPlus


Try for free

To get UpdraftCentral for free on up to five websites, you’ll first need to install UpdraftPlus (free or premium). Then, simply visit ‘My Account’ on updraftplus.com. You’ll need to login, or create an account first.

What does UpdraftCentral do?

UpdraftCentral helps you streamline WordPress website management. Effortlessly manage multiple WordPress sites from a centralised dashboard. Manage users, pages, posts, plugins, themes and more, all from one place. Take charge of your WordPress workflow and boost your productivity. Learn more about the benefits of UpdraftCentral below.

Master login

Access all your WordPress websites’ dashboards with one master login to UpdraftCentral.

Manage updates

Manage and perform full updates on themes, plugins and WordPress core across your WordPress sites.

Manage users

View, create or delete users and grant them different levels of access across your sites.

Manage pages and posts

Manage all of your posts on your sites, from a single location in the UpdraftCentral dashboard.

Manage comments

Manage comments across all of your WordPress websites, without leaving the UpdraftCentral dashboard.

Manage backups

Manage all of your website backups in one central location by combining UpdraftCentral + UpdraftPlus

Optimize centrally

Clean your databases, remove spam comments and clear outdated data on your WordPress websites centrally with UpdraftCentral + WP-Optimize.

Install and activate plugins and themes

Install and activate any plugin or theme onto all connected websites at once.

Google Analytics

This feature gives you an instant overview of important KPIs from all of your WordPress websites in one central location.


Create bespoke categories or ‘tags’ so you can locate certain content across all of your WordPress websites from UpdraftCentral.

Advanced admin tools

Inspect systems information and manage site configurations and settings across all of your websites from UpdraftCentral.

Manage an unlimited number of sites

You’ll need either UpdraftPlus or WP-Optimize (Free or Premium) to get UpdraftCentral.

Why choose UpdraftCentral?


Communications between websites are RSA encrypted and signed. Every connection has a unique key-pair and can be run on localhost websites.


Sends all communications directly from the browser for maximum speed and efficiency. Plus it’s all in the front-end to avoid annoying refreshes.


A simple browser layout makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites from one place, with ease.

See UpdraftCentral in action

See how UpdraftCentral enables you to easily manage multiple WordPress websites remotely, via a single dashboard.

UpdraftCentral Cloud packages

Up to 5 sites


  • Cloud hosted and maintained 



Up to 15 sites

From $9p/m

  • Pay yearly for 2 months free
  • Cloud hosted and maintained
  • Support from the developers

Up to 35 sites

From $19p/m

  • Pay yearly for 2 months free
  • Cloud hosted and maintained
  • Support from the developers

Unlimited sites

From $39p/m

  • Pay yearly for 2 months free
  • Cloud hosted and maintained
  • Support from the developers

UpdraftCentral + WP-Optimize

Manage multiple WordPress websites?  Want them all to run faster but no time to optimize them all?

WP-Optimize, trusted by 1 million+ WordPress website owners can be controlled from our WordPress website management plugin UpdraftCentral to make streamlining all of your website databases even easier. 


What does UpdraftCentral require to run?

The websites being controlled must have all of the following:

  • WordPress 3.2 (July 2011) or later.
  • Installed or active UpdraftPlus 1.12.2 (free) or 2.12.2 (Premium) or later.
  • No active security modules (whether a WordPress plugin, or webserver component) that block traffic based on unusual patterns. Encrypted traffic from a remote control plugin is likely to be blocked, as it looks very different to regular website visits from a web browser. We have tested UpdraftCentral using the most popular WordPress plugins, and these all worked fine in the configurations we have tested.
Can I host UpdraftCentral on my servers?
Can I clone a site using UpdraftCentral?

Yes. Get full written and video instructions on how to clone a site using UpdraftCentral using the link above. 

You can find more UpdraftCentral FAQs here