UpdraftCentral Dashboard

UpdraftCentral is a highly efficient way to manage, update and backup multiple websites from one place.

UpdraftCentral is a powerful remote control for WordPress that allows you to backup your sites from one central location.

You can even centrally manage and update all themes, plugins and the core on all your sites without logging into them!

Crammed full of features such as automated backup schedules and sophisticated one-click updates, UpdraftCentral is sure to boost to your productivity.

Why choose UpdraftCentral?



RSA encrypts and signs all communications between sites, unique key-pairs every connection, and can even be run by localhost.

Developer Friendly

Uses WordPress hooks widely and documents all of its JavaScript with JSDoc


Sends all communications directly from the browser for maximum speed and efficiency.  Plus it’s all in the front-end to avoid annoying refreshes.

What can UpdraftCentral do?

Free, Premium and Cloud Versions

Master Login

Load UpdraftCentral with one strong password, and get access to the dashboard on all your sites with one click.

Central Updates

Allows you to perform full updates on themes, plugins and cores, and manage the settings from one central dashboard.

Compatible with WP-Optimize

Control our WP-Optimize plugin from UpdraftCentral in order to make streamlining all of your website databases even easier and more effortless!


Backup using the world’s most powerful and trusted backup plugin installed on all your sites, but controlled from one place.

UpdraftVault Connection

Easy access to the backed-up files of all your remotely-managed websites through your UpdraftVault account. UpdraftVault is our remote storage solution, fully integrated with all our plugin.

Advanced Admin Tools

Easily inspect current systems information and manage site configurations and settings,  to troubleshoot problems straight away.

Plugin & Theme Management

Allows more remote control over your websites by letting you install and activate any plugin or theme onto all connected websites at once.

What can UpdraftCentral Premium and Cloud do in addition?

User Management

View, create or delete users and grant them different levels of access on any of your websites from one place.


Comments Management

Manage comments for remotely controlled WordPress websites, without leaving the UpdraftCentral dashboard.

Google Analytics

An incredibly useful feature that gives users an instant overview of important KPIs from all of their remote WordPress websites in one central location.

Choice of Cloud or Self-Install

With UpdraftCentral Cloud you have all the features of UpdraftCentral Premium, but we do all the hosting and maintenance of the app for you.

Fully Supported

Offers support via a professional, fast, ticketed support service and active forum.


An invaluable tool for keeping on top of multiple websites, creating bespoke categories that make it quick and easy to locate a particular kind of content.

Click here for full comparison of free, Premium and Cloud versions.

How does UpdraftCentral compare with other services
to manage all your WordPress websites from one place?

We’ve put together a list of why UpdraftCentral is the right service for you!

Screenshots: see it in action

See how UpdraftCentral enables you to manage all of your UpdraftPlus backups at once, remotely and via a single dashboard.

Pricing for UpdraftCentral Cloud

Self-host for free. Or try for free.

Try before you buy?  You can try our Cloud-based UpdraftCentral for free for up to 5 sites by simply logging into ‘My Account’ on UpdraftPlus.com.  No self-host, no fuss!


Or would you prefer to self-install UpdraftCentral plugin?  Well you can now do so completely free!  Just download the free plugin from WordPress.org and use it with unlimited number of sites.

Free Trial Up To 5 SitesDownload Free Unlimited Self-Host Plugin

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How does UpdraftCentral compare with other services to manage all your WordPress websites from one place?

We’ve put together a list of why UpdraftCentral is the right service to manage all your WordPress websites from one place: https://updraftplus.com/wordpress-remote-management-plugin-comparison/

What is UpdraftCentral?

UpdraftCentral is a powerful and flexible admin panel that allows you to access all your websites with a single click and efficiently manage them from a single dashboard.

What features does UpdraftCentral have?

As well as centralized and remote control of all your UpdraftPlus backups and restorations, you can also manage and update the themes, plugins and cores of every website you manage.

Built with the latest, state-of-the-art technology, UpdraftCentral is crammed full of features that ensure that you enjoy the best possible user experience:
• As a single-page/dynamic JavaScript application, it won’t annoyingly refresh the page on every action. And because it runs in the front end and on full-screen mode, BackupWordPressyou won’t have the wp-dashboard getting in your way.
• It sends all communications directly from the browser, rather than through a back-end server, making it much faster and more efficient than traditional management applications.
• For maximum security, all communications between sites are RSA encrypted and signed, and every connection has a unique key-pair. It can be run by localhost, so as an extra security precaution, you can have the dashboard website (i.e. the one that controls all the others) off the public internet.
• It’s mobile-ready and responsive, built to run on any device from day one.
• It’s also extensible and developer friendly: it uses WordPress hooks widely, and all its JavaScript is documented with JSDoc.

UpdraftCentral Premium only:
• A sophisticated WordPress user management system that enables you to create, edit and delete users to contribute whilst giving you full control over their levels of access and permission.
• Fully supported via a professional, fast, ticketed support service and active forum.
• Choice of Cloud hosted. With UpdraftCentral Cloud you have all the features of UpdraftCentral Premium, but we do all the hosting and maintenance of the app for you.

Quick links: how to install | how to add a site | FAQs

UpdraftCentral is the latest release from the makers of UpdraftPlus, WordPress’ #1 most installed and trusted backup plugin (active on over 1.5 million WordPress sites).
Please note, as a brand new plugin and we’re keen to get your feedback. If you discover a problem, please let us know rather than slamming us with a bad review. You can find support here and make feature suggestions here.

What does it require to run?

The website being controlled must have all of the following:
• WordPress 3.2 (July 2011) or later. There are no further version PHP/MySQL requirements.
• UpdraftPlus version 1.12.2 (free version) / 2.12.2 (paid versions) or later installed and active
• No active security modules (whether a WordPress plugin, or webserver component) that block traffic based on unusual patterns. Encrypted traffic from a remote control plugin is likely to be blocked, as it looks very different to regular website visits from a web browser. We have tested with the most popular WordPress plugins, and these are all not a problem in all the configurations we have tested.

The website that is running the dashboard (i.e. this plugin, UpdraftCentral) must have:
• WordPress 4.0 (Sep 2014) or later
• PHP 5.3 or later
The web browser that you visit the UpdraftCentral dashboard from must be modern, and must not have been end-of-lifed by its maker. Specifically, Internet Explorer 8 is not supported. UpdraftCentral is built using modern JavaScript technologies.

How is UpdraftCentral installed?

Nb. This plugin is the central dashboard plugin: install it on the “mothership” site where you want your dashboard, and it will control other UpdraftPlus-installed websites.
From our YouTube channel, here’s how to install.
And here’s how to add a new site.

How to activate UpdraftCentral as a self-installed plugin

If you want to run UpdraftCentral as a plugin, rather than as SaaS, this video shows you how.