UpdraftClone allows you to create a cloned test site instantly and directly from UpdraftPlus
“Copy and paste your WordPress site”

Why choose UpdraftClone?

Create a temporary test site

Want to see how your site looks with updates such as upgrades, new themes and plugins, or a new layout and content?  With UpdraftClone it’s never been so quick to create a temporary sandbox for changes you want to try out.

No hosting hassle

Rather than having to buy hosting, install WordPress, PHP and UpdraftPlus on the sandbox site, and then go through the whole migration process, you can set up a temporary test site with us in a few clicks.

Simple setup

Simply select the versions of WordPress and PHP that you want set up on the clone and then try out the changes. Take as long as you like; pay for your sandbox in tokens. Generate a 24-hour site for one token and extend it in 7 day blocks for an additional token.

Even spin out empty WP installs…

Want a ‘blank clone’ to do testing on?  Boot empty WordPress installs from the UpdraftPlus.com clone dashboard directly using clone credits.  Easily create an empty WordPress install on which you can test new themes/plugins/updates without the need to clone your existing site and throw away once you’re done.

Copy & paste your WordPress site

It’s very quick. It’s like copying and pasting any WordPress site you manage

Instant clone

So easy and quick, you can create a new temporary sandbox every time you want to review an update


Cloning can throw up issues like the need to change all internal URL references, but UpdraftClone does all this automatically


Define the period you want the sandbox to exist for – you simply pay per week

UpdraftClone token and pricing guide

Clone your site for 24 hours with 1 token

Extend your clone for 1 token each additional week

Example: Generate a clone for 24 hours with 1 token and keep it active for an additional 1 token per week.

*Currencies accepted: United States Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling

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UpdraftClone site boot and weekly live costs

How to use UpdraftClone

Managing your UpdraftClone sandbox is easy. You pay for your UpdraftClone with tokens and can generate a 24-hour site for one token and then extend it in 7 day blocks for an additional token. You’ll be notified through your UpdraftPlus.com account when your sandbox is about to expire and given a link to extend it for as long as you like. Detailed instructions on how to create a cloned site using the two different UpdraftClone methods, can be found here.

UpdraftMigrator vs. UpdraftClone

Which product do you need?


Can I buy tokens with the free version of UpdraftPlus?

Yes. UpdraftPlus does not require a Premium membership in order to use the Clone feature and you are able to purchase as many Clone tokens as you require.

What is UpdraftClone?

UpdraftClone is a new feature that takes all of the hassle out of cloning your website to a sandbox. If you’re looking to test out changes and improvements to your website, you are going to love it! UpdraftClone enables you to set up a sandbox instantly and directly from UpdraftPlus. Simply select your preferred versions of WordPress and PHP and we take care of the rest. This means you can test out new versions of plugins, themes, PHP and WordPress before upgrading.

Where is my data stored?

UpdraftClone will store multiple (i.e. redundant) copies of your backups at data-centres in multiple locations. Although we cannot guarantee the precise location of your data, it will be at the nearest possible location, prioritising data centres within your continent.

Is my backup data routed via your (UpdraftPlus) servers?

No. The UpdraftPlus plugin, installed on your website, will send your backup data directly to a virtual private server. It is not routed through any of our servers.

Is UpdraftClone data encrypted?

Yes: data is both sent over an encrypted connection to the storage cloud and stored encrypted on the server. Encrypted storage on the server requires your WordPress install to be running PHP 5.3 or later (which is very likely – the PHP version before that, 5.2, was end-of-lifed in January 2011). You can also encrypt your database with a passphrase only known to you (whether for storing in UpdraftClone, or any other remote storage method) using the option in the ‘Settings’ tab in your UpdraftPlus page in your WordPress dashboard.

Do the tokens expire?

No: you can keep your tokens for as long as you need them

Why is UpdraftClone not an unlimited feature within UpdraftPlus Premium?

UpdraftClone is an additional service for, not a feature of, UpdraftPlus Premium. The cloning process creates a new website using our high quality cloud hosting, and so works on a token system.  You can buy additional tokens here.

When I make changes to the test site, is it easy to bring these changes back to the live site?

If there have been no changes to the live site whilst you’ve been making changes to the test site, then just use UpdraftPlus Premium to migrate the changes back.

However, if your site has things such as an active shop, comments or users who may make changes to the database, then you’ll need to be sure not to migrate conflicting changes across.  See our migration guide for more details.

Where will my clone physically be hosted?

When creating a clone, you can choose your preferred region – either for convenience, or regulatory compliance. Go here for more information.

If you have any further questions, please take a look at our our FAQs page