UpdraftClone Tokens

From $12.00 / 4 weeks

UpdraftClone works on a token system – it costs tokens to clone and keep the clone live.

You can clone your site for 24 hours with 1 token; after that, you can extend your clone for 1 token for each additional week. (N.B. The “monthly” subscription packages define a “month” as every 4 weeks, because clones operate upon weeks – this avoids a 5-token subscription not being enough to boot a clone and then run it until the next renewal).

About UpdraftClone

UpdraftClone is a service provided by UpdraftPlus that takes all of the hassle out of cloning your website to a sandbox.

If you’re looking to test out changes and improvements to your website, you are going to love it!

UpdraftClone enables you to set up a sandbox instantly and directly from UpdraftPlus. Simply select your preferred versions of WordPress and PHP and we take care of the rest. This means you can test out new versions of plugins, themes, PHP and WordPress before upgrading. See all our FAQs here.

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