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Copy and paste your WordPress Website

Want to see how your site performs after a WordPress, PHP, theme or plugin update, without risking the live site? Create a clone or test site on our servers instantly and directly from UpdraftPlus, with UpdraftClone. Get up to 10 clone tokens with every purchase of UpdraftPlus Premium.

No hosting hassle

You won’t have to buy extra hosting. You won’t have to reinstall WordPress, PHP and UpdraftPlus or bother with the whole migration process. Create a temporary test site with us in just a few clicks.


Our clone token system means your cloned website is live for a day, a week, or however long you wish. Extend the period with more clone tokens or spin out a new site when you’re ready.


Creating a clone takes a couple of clicks. Simply select the versions of WordPress and PHP that you want, and we’ll do the rest.


Cloning can throw up issues like the need to change all internal URL references, but UpdraftClone does all this automatically.

Clone tokens explained

If your website is 25GB or below (most customers):

Generate a 24-hour site for one token and extend it in 7-day blocks for an additional token.

If your website is greater than 25GB:

Website sizeTo bootPer additional week
Up to 50GB2 tokens2 tokens
Up to 80GB4 tokens4 tokens
Up to 160GB8 tokens8 tokens

How many clone tokens are included in UpdraftPlus Premium?

  • UpdraftPlus Premium Personal – 1 Clone token
  • UpdraftPlus Premium Business – 2 Clone tokens
  • UpdraftPlus Premium Agency – 5 Clone tokens
  • UpdraftPlus Premium Enterprise – 10 Clone tokens

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UpdraftClone FAQs

What’s the difference between migrating my site, which I can do with UpdraftPlus, and UpdraftClone?

UpdraftPlus gives you different options for migrating or cloning your WordPress website to another location. The option you choose depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

Can I buy tokens with the free version of UpdraftPlus?

Yes. You don’t need UpdraftPlus Premium to buy UpdraftClone tokens.

Is it easy to bring changes I make to the clone, back to the live site?

Yes. If there were no changes made to the live site whilst you’ve been making changes to the test site, then just use UpdraftPlus (Free or Premium) to migrate the changes back.

However, if your site has things like an active shop, comments or users who may make changes to the database, then you’ll need to be sure not to migrate conflicting changes across. See our migration guide for more details.

Where will my clone physically be hosted?

You can choose the region where your clone will be stored – either for convenience, or regulatory compliance.

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