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When you have a problem or question, firstly…

  1. Check our FAQs page, or use the search tool
  2. Look through our WordPress Forum (for non-paying customers) or Customer Support Forum (for paying customers)

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, use the Customer Support Form below.

You should get a reply to your question within 24 hours. If you don’t, assume it’s in your Spam folders or that something went wrong with the email delivery.

Note, the Support Form is for paying customers only. If you’re not a paying customer and want to submit a question, please purchase a Support Package.

Support request
Please enter the same name you used when you purchased
This is your four/five/six-digit order number from UpdraftPlus, - not your PayPal transaction ID. This needs to be an order from the last 12 months. Need help to find your order number?

Please post all feature requests in the forum at the following link. All feature requests are read by the Updraft team, and used to assess priorities – but you should not expect a direct response to your post.

To learn how to release / re-cycle a licence, please see this FAQ. Or, go directly to your account page to release your licences.

What you enter here will be verified
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Please check this box if the URL (if any) you entered has pornographic, obscene or otherwise potentially offensive imagery or audio on.If you are in doubt, then please explain as part of your description.
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This is only relevant if you specifically purchased phone or Skype support - otherwise, please leave blank.
You can find the version number (please do enter this in full) on your WordPress dashboard's "Plugins" page. If you are not running the latest version, then we will almost certainly recommend updating as the next step - you might have a problem that was already fixed.
Please add all relevant details, including the steps you have taken and the text of any error messages that have shown. If you have any screenshots or log files, then please upload them below.
Please enter any and all relevant files (whether log files or screenshots, etc.). Only log files, PDF, zip files and png/gif/jpg graphic files are accepted here. If your problem is related to backing up, then please do attach the log file (click the "Download most recently modified log file" link at the top of the UpdraftPlus page). If your problem is with restoring, then there should be a link to the log file at the top of the restoration page; otherwise, you can find it by using FTP to go to wp-content/updraft.

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